Anonymous Story: I Was 8

I was 8. My parents work practically all the free hours they could get, My brother’s friends would come into our house to play game and sometimes my brother will leave them in the house and go and play another game in our neighbor’s house. Our family friend would also come to the house, I think he was about 2 years older than my brother. He would beg me to rub him or he would tell my mom I took something that wasn’t mine, this went on for long and sometimes, he would pin me down just so he could dip his hands inside of me after which he would pet me to stop crying. I wanted my mom to notice something was wrong. I was afraid he would deny it. My mom never noticed. I’m 21 now but she doesn’t know I was molested on countless occasions.

He stopped coming to our house. He went to university later or maybe that’s what I was told. I just had to tell someone, I kept it a secret since then. Parents should notice when something is wrong with their children. My mom didn’t care then, I won’t tell her now it will break her heart and I can’t afford to see her broken. Please, hide my name.

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