Anonymous Story: I Was Scared

I’ve never discussed this with anyone but I guess it’s time to do so without the fear of being judged. I got raped when I was twelve by a carpenter that came to work in my house, this went on all through the period of his work in my house. I couldn’t tell anyone about it because I was scared. I have carried the scar around for so many years and the only way I feel happy is by having sex with numerous men for no reason. This is a dark secret I have harbored for too long, I’m tired of having meaningless sex and I genuinely need help.

“A small gesture can turn somebody’s situation around. Support survivors by leaving ONLY a kind and thoughtful comment.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with anything you have read in this story, reach out to us at Sercle Inc. We believe that we can support you toward a positive outcome by providing access to virtual and/or in-person therapies addressing underlying psychological trauma through our global directory and our safe, online community platform. Allow us to help you find the path to realistic, long-lasting recovery. For more information, reach out today: info@sercleinc.com

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