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Sercle’s Global Therapist Directory is dedicated to providing access to affordable in-office and online therapy services to trauma survivors in need, wherever they are.

There are no fees for psychotherapists in private practice who belong to the directory.

We serve clients who are seeking quality and low-rate therapy services. Our clients cannot afford the current market rate for therapy, are uninsured or underinsured, and belong to low and middle-income families and communities.

Our vetted trauma-informed therapists help you access quality and affordable mental health care wherever you are. A lifetime membership only costs $50.

Learn how we evaluate therapists.


We verify active licenses using submitted license numbers to ensure that they’re in good standing with local regulatory and governing bodies. For pre-licensed therapists and student interns, we request for the following:

  • Proof of supervision
  • Proof of internship enrollment
  • A signed supervision contract.


Since HIPAA regulations prevent therapists from sharing their clients’ information with third parties, we request that therapists on Sercle Therapist Network submit three peer reviews before they’re approved and published.


As a result of the importance of confidentiality, it is understandable that clients don’t leave many reviews online. However, we search for negative and positive reviews on sites like Google Business and Yelp just to be thorough.


We fully endorse a trauma-informed model of care; this model emphasizes the need for behavioral health practitioners and organizations to recognize the prevalence and pervasive impact of trauma on the lives of the people they serve and develop trauma-sensitive or trauma-responsive services. Therefore, to get published on the Sercle Therapist Network, therapists must acknowledge that their practice and support services promote a culture of safety, empowerment, and healing.


We continue to evaluate client engagement and care.

After a therapist passes our vetting process, we send anonymous evaluation forms to therapy-seekers (like you!) after consultations. We also have an anonymous complaint form for anyone to submit if they have concerns about one of our therapists.

Our directory offers a platform that allows you to work with a licensed and trauma-informed professional online. Our services include video, phone, and text therapy sessions, along with a virtual room where you can message your counselor between visits. There are different types of online therapy available, including online therapy for anxiety, online depression counseling, family and couples counseling online, and online therapy for trauma survivors. Because we know that online therapy isn’t for everyone, the therapists in our network also provide in-office therapy services to clients.

Click on this link to learn more.

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