Hi, I’m Zaira and I’m a trauma-informed Integrative Arts Psychotherapist. What that means is I guide you to use different creative modalities like 2D and 3D image making, music, puppets, sandplay, and poetry to help you express what you’re feeling and thinking about. It’s not always easy to find the words to express yourself, and it can be frightening to feel the depth of your emotions. That’s why Art Therapy is so powerful. Unlike talking therapies, it gives you a way to process your life experiences in a gentler and profound way, that helps you to access your inner healing abilities.

You don’t need to be ‘good at art’ to work with me because everyone can express themselves. You just have to be willing to try something different. The most important thing about how we work together is YOU. I know that what you’ve experienced is cruel. People and the world around you might feel unsafe, and it will take time for you to trust me. You have nothing to be ashamed of and you don’t need to struggle alone. We’ll work slowly, with compassion and non-judgement. I’ll walk with you and guide you to remember your true essence and build inner safety, strength, and security. From that place of inner power, I’ll support you to imagine and experience a life filled with hope, joy, and infinite possibilities.

What happened to you does not define you. It’s time to tell a new story, and I believe in all that you are becoming.

If you feel ready, we’ll meet online to get to know each other, and decide if we will work on a short-term (3-6 months) or longer-term (6 months+) basis. Arts Psychotherapy will take place online, on the same day and time each week, and each session is 50 minutes.
67 Briarwood Road, Epsom, KT172LX, United Kingdom
Thursdays and Fridays
Individual -$30-$60, Family, Couple – $30-$70

Accepting Clients



Mixed Race


Masters, UKCP, HCPC

Skills & Expertise

Anger Management, Psychosis, Sexual Trauma, Creative Blocks, Highly sensitive persons, Family conflict, Thought disorders, Racial stress and trauma, Attention deficit (ADHD), Gambling, Spirituality, Gender or sexual identity exploration, Perfectionism, Communication problem, Behavioral issues, Substance Abuse, Migrant/Immigrant/Refugee concerns, Borderline personality, Learning disability, Suicidal ideation, Obsessions and Compulsions, Premarital counseling, Racial/Cultural identity, Career counseling, Life coaching, Teen violence, Codependency, Multicultural concerns, Couples/marriage/relationships, Religious trauma, Grief and loss, Life transitions, Mid-life crisis, Stress, Socio-economic stress/issues, Trauma and PTSD, Aggression and violence, Women’s issues, Burnout, Coping mechanisms, Narcissistic personality disorder, Isolation, Anxiety, Depression, Economic grief, Internet, gaming, and social media dependence, Intellectual and learning disabilities., Developmental disorders, Bipolar disorder, Attachment issues, Infidelity and affair recovery, Skills groups, Divorce, Relationship and interpersonal issues, Dissociative disorders, Autism Spectrum, Identity issues, Trauma, Domestic abuse, Self-esteem, Meditation and mindfulness, Dual diagnosis, Self-harm, Artists/Creatives, Addiction, Mood disorders, Body image, Emotional intelligence, Body dismorphia, Emotional disturbance, Sexual assault, abuse, or harassment, Personality disorder, Abuse



Client Focus


Treatment orientation

Art Therapy

Payment Methods

Bank Deposit, Paypal
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