(Him, He)


1/ 36 Macgowan Avenue, Australia

Accepting Clients



White Caucasian



Skills & Expertise

Anger Management, Sexual Trauma, Highly sensitive persons, Antisocial personality, Family conflict, Sleep issues or insomnia, Thought disorders, Phobias, Compulsive shopping/spending, Racial stress and trauma, Tribal stress and trauma, Attention deficit (ADHD), Gambling, Spirituality, Communication problem, Behavioral issues, Panic, Migrant/Immigrant/Refugee concerns, Suicidal ideation, Transgender and non binary people, Obsessions and Compulsions, Premarital counseling, Racial/Cultural identity, Career counseling, Life coaching, Teen violence, Couples/marriage/relationships, Religious trauma, Grief and loss, Socio-economic stress/issues, Men’s issues, Women’s issues, Burnout, Coping mechanisms, Isolation, Anxiety, Depression, Economic grief, Oppositional defiance disorder, Internet, gaming, and social media dependence, Parenting, Infidelity and affair recovery, Skills groups, Divorce, Relationship and interpersonal issues, Identity issues, Trauma, Domestic abuse, Self-esteem, Caregiver issues or stress, Self-harm, Mood disorders, Body image, Emotional intelligence, Emotional disturbance, Sexual assault, abuse, or harassment, Personality disorder, Perinatal or post-partum mental health, Abuse, Adjustment disorders



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Payment Methods

Bank Deposit
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