Sexual Assault In An Uber or Lyft

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If you have experienced harm in a ridesharing service, you have legal rights and options. We’re here to help you get the support you need and deserve.

Key Takeaways

  • Rideshare sexual assault, abuse, and harassment is a growing problem across all rideshare platforms including Uber and Lyft.
  • If you are a victim of Rideshare sexual assault, you should immediately seek medical assistance (if necessary), report to the platform, and file a report with law enforcement.
  • You can also file a civil lawsuit against the rideshare platform, and Helping Survivors can assist in this process to help you seek compensation and justice for the harm that happened to you.

Did you experience sexual assault in an Uber or Lyft? We can help get you the legal assistance you deserve. Get help

What Should You Do If You Have Been a Victim of Sexual Assault in an Rideshare?

Whether you experienced sexual harassment, abuse, or assault, there are several things you can do document the experience, get immediate medical help, and report to the platform and to law enforcement. The most important thing is that you find immediate physical and mental safety. This could mean calling 911 if you are injured or need immediate emergency services or are fearful of further harm. This could also mean calling a friend, family member, or trusted person to come to you and assist with the immediate aftermath of the experience. You may also choose to go directly to an emergency room at a hospital if you are injured or want the fastest medical care.

After you have immediate safety, it is up to you on what to do next such as seeking medical care or reporting to the platform or law enforcement. But before we discuss these options, the most important thing you can do at this stage is to document what happened to you, anything you recall about the driver and vehicle, and any other details. If you need assistance in this process, or have any questions about your rights and options, you can contact the sexual
assault hotline RAINN or VictimConnect. The next step is deciding to report to the platform and/or law enforcement.

There is no right order in this process – as the ridesharing app may ask if you’ve reported to law enforcement and law enforcement may ask if you’ve reported to the ridesharing app. Many people will choose to report to the app first so they can take that information to law enforcement. Once law enforcement writes a police report down, you can choose to follow up with the ridesharing app with this information or they may reach out to request
it. This is all a lot to handle — and having to undergo medical exams and reporting to authorities can feel draining and exhausting, especially since you just experienced immense trauma.

This is why it is critically important to take care of yourself during this time. This could mean understanding your workplace rights as a survivor and requesting time off or accommodations, seeking a therapist or healing circle for survivors, or other self care such as going on walks, meditating, and ensuring your health remains your top priority. If and when you’re ready to file a claim against either Uber or Lyft for sexual assault, we can help guide you towards legal assistance. The right lawyer, most often a personal injury lawyer, can ensure you get the compensation you deserve by filing paperwork promptly, communicating with insurance companies and the ridesharing platform, and advancing your claim in the legal systems.

Depending on the facts of your case, your lawyer can help you maximize compensation for the following:

> Emotional pain and suffering, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
> Medical bills including therapy
> Difficulty sustaining employment
> Problems with personal relationships

We know that seeking assistance for sexual assault and harassment can be challenging because it requires you to think about the traumatic incident regularly. And you may eventually have to appear in court to face the perpetrator — but we’re here to help you understand your rights, options, and the overall process when this type of harm happens to you.

Hiring a lawyer for sexual assault in a rideshare like Uber may be the right course of action for you because it can help you:

Make Uber and Lyft safer for future riders. Your lawsuit can set a precedent by creating safer trips for future riders. This is especially true if you join a class action suit.

Get the compensation you deserve. Recovering from sexual assault and harassment can be expensive. Depending on your case, you may require physical therapy, counseling, or even surgery. Fortunately, you can recover these costs from the perpetrator by suing them.

Hold the perpetrator accountable. Finally, sexual assault is never your fault. Seeking justice can help hold the perpetrator accountable and further your healing journey.

To learn more, go to: https://helpingsurvivors.org/rideshare-sexual-assault/

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