Anonymous Story: It Was All Strange

There was this aunty in my parents’ place of worship (can’t remember her name); she’d take me upstairs to an abandoned room within the compound and make me suck on her boob, followed by a couple of crazy instructions that didn’t seem right then. She’d ask me to stimulate a particular spot on her private part with my thumb, sometimes I’d get worried and want to stop because she’d make funny faces and tremble sometimes, but she would beg me not to stop and I couldn’t understand it, being only a primary school child.

It was all strange. It became so frequent that I’d get disgusted. It got worse. She’d use the tip of my penis to stimulate her clit. Once she felt safe and sure no one would barge in on us, she’d wink at me to come along during service and if I didn’t oblige, I’d get some serious beating after service. I refused her once and she would beat me and twist my ears till it hurt, one time my mom saw her beating me and she said I was being rude only for my mom to beat me as well and tell me to respect my elders.

I never had the nerve to open up to anyone about it and it kept happening until she stopped coming around. After she left, I realized I was attracted to girls above my class and age, I saw my female playmate differently and I couldn’t get over it. I had a lot of questions I wouldn’t dare to ask anyone…there were several experiences after that with several other grownups and to be honest, they all came at me somehow, even up until secondary school, during my final year I had a thing going with a youth copper who was our biology teacher and we had sex.  My point is that after my first experience with that aunt, I was always attracted to people older than me.

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