Anonymous Story: It Stopped When I Was About 7

I’m not sure I’d call it rape or molestation. I can’t remember how old I was when it started, but I’m sure it went on for a while, my mother’s cousin used to have sex with me. Most times, whenever I went to their house to play with the kids there who were my age, he’d call me into his room, send the other children away and sleep with me.

At a time, I started looking forward to playing with his penis. He used to always warn me not to tell anyone. I remember one particular day, he came visiting at our house, my mother was cooking in the kitchen and it was just him and me in the sitting room, he had sex with me, and ejaculated on his hand. I asked him what it was, but he didn’t say.

It stopped when I was about 7 and that was because I told my cousins who I used to play with, and they in turn told our uncle who called me and asked me if it was true. I told him everything, he threatened the pervert, and that’s how he stopped.

Writing this now made me realize how much I shut that part of my memory all in a bid to forget. I’d like to be more open about my experience and help other people who have been through such and are also in need of help. Not to also deny the fact that I may need some help myself.

“A small gesture can turn somebody’s situation around. Support survivors by ONLY leaving a kind and thoughtful comment.”

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