Anonymous Story: I Thought I Could Help

Can I talk to you about false rape allegations? I’m 15 and I’ve had one made against me. It’s cost me my friends, my education and my peace of mind. I made a mistake that I shouldn’t have made and publically apologized for it. I invited a friend and his younger (by two years) sister over. This puts me in the middle age-wise. Everything went fine until that night. I was up getting a drink and I heard the sister sniffling. I thought that I could be a hero and that I could help.

What I did next was the most stupid and regretful decision I’ve made in my life. I got into bed with the two of them. Didn’t touch them, just got into bed with the two of them. It made things so much worse. I thought that it’d be comforting and I didn’t stop to think at all. 2 weeks later they started saying I raped her. I got death threats. Everyone cut me off without even asking me for my side of the story. I don’t want to take legal action against them because they’re not in a good place financially. They’ll be ruined if I did it and that would make me the bad guy.

I’ve had to block out so many people and move schools just to avoid the harassment. It’s the most damaging thing that’s happened to me. It’s awful. And despite this, I still fully support the metoo movement. It’s doing something wonderful for the oppressed everywhere. I just thought I should mention what it’s like from the other side. I fucked up badly, and I’ve been paying consequences no other teenager should even fathom in their worst nightmares.

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