Anonymous Story: I Never Blamed Him

It all happened when I was 7, my mom went to mecca and we had to stay with my aunt because of school. My aunt had 3 kids and her house was just a few streets from ours. Her children were 2 girls and a boy. The boy was around 16, I think. She was a single mom, very busy as a matron at a public hospital which means she spent very little time at home. We were mostly with the boy when we all came back from school.

He had started going through puberty, had his hormones raging, and had no one to talk to about it. He couldn’t talk to his sisters because they froze him out mostly, his mom was never around, and there was no male figure in his life to tell him about that kinda stuff so he dealt with it on his own. In school, there was no such thing as sex education because God forbid they teach kids about sex, hormones, and how to control them so he turned to his seniors in high school. They told him all kinds of bs.

One day everyone was out and I went inside for some reason and there he was touching himself so confused, he was frightened at the sight of me as I was at him, he walked towards me and put me on the chair then mounted. God knows what happened but it was awful for both of us. We never spoke of it until one day he was 20 years old and I 10, we saw a movie (with his mom) and something similar happened so she decided finally to talk about sex and rape. I could see it in his eyes, he felt grotesque to himself. He couldn’t look at me, he was so ashamed and remorseful. I spoke to him about it and we still speak today. I never blamed him nor do I hate him now, I believe he too was a victim. if only he was educated on what sex and rape were earlier non of it would’ve happened.

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