Anonymous Story: He Was A Notorious Cultist And He Raped Me.

My case was just crazy because I was at home back in school and this dude knocks on my door, I opened and he said he was looking for my baby sis, but she wasn’t around. Next thing I saw was a gun in my face and my girlfriends were actually in my room watching a movie, so the guy took me out of my apartment and led me to his car, this guy was a total stranger.

It was between 8 and 9 pm in the evening, so I was already in my nightwear, and I was on my period. So I was begging and pleading. I told him that whatever my sister did, he should forgive her. But his friend told me to stop begging because it makes him angrier. When he finally drove to a part of my school permanent site which was still bushy at the time… He dragged me out, gave me a good beating and ripped my nightwear, then he raped me.

That moment felt like a lifetime because I thought he was going to kill me since he had the gun to my temple. After he was done, he drove me to the road, pulled me out and told me to shut my mouth. I walked all the way back with blood dripping down my legs, I got home and blacked out. I woke up in the hospital.

The police didn’t believe me until my uncle who was a lecturer in the school I was in, took me to the ACP and reported the case. It turned out the dude was a notorious cultist and was on the wanted list. So I was in the hospital for a few days, did an HIV test and hepatitis B test. They never caught him. I was indoors for months. I couldn’t sleep. I drank so much just to forget.

I would flinch when alone. I didn’t sleep in my apartment for months. It was later my sister told me he had been bugging her to date her and she reported but nothing was done. I was angry at my sister for months because he came looking for her but I was the one he took but, she’s my sister after all. I still love her till death do us part… Lol. It was one of the craziest time of my life.

That was in 2008. Like, the dude that raped me, I heard his father was a top man in the army. Even the police told my cousin, who came in from Abuja to visit me, that they couldn’t go to his house to arrest him. I was depressed. I was Devastated. I started cutting myself because I felt very dirty. The policeman even asked me what I was wearing, I couldn’t say a word because it was all tears and pain I could feel.

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