Anonymous Story: Gated Uncompleted Building (1)

Let me tell you my own attempted rape story.

At 12, I was already developed with protruding hips and all, I looked at least 5 years older than my actual age and had not even began seeing my period. There was a notorious guy like they referred to fraudsters then in Port Harcourt. We lived in the same neighbourhood and we all called him uncle. The Christmas holidays of my 12th birthday,  I was waiting for a taxi at the junction to board to my grandpa’s, (our house was just a drop to my grandpa’s) My elder sister had gone ahead of me when I was dealing, it wasn’t a big deal because we went on our own all the time. 

It was the christmas holiday, thus, there were lots of commuters and few transportation. We had stood at the junction for quite a while when suddenly “uncle rapist” pulled over in front of me and asked where I was going to, he was apparently headed in that direction and asked me to come in so he could give me a ride. I politely declined but he kept insisting and even the other commuters were urging me to enter, (he was a very popular figure and obviously people recognised him), after much persuasion I entered, wondering I was going to tell my mom, because I had to tell her and of course so she could thank him properly. If truth be told, as young as I was, I i felt uneasy entering that car but hey with all these witnesses what could go wrong, besides I was just a child

He took the first turn into the estate instead of the 3rd that I was most familiar with, i mentioned it and he said there was a short cut but in my little heart I already knew something was wrong! He swiftly turned into a gated uncompleted building and I began to cry and scream! He said I shouldn’t bother because no one would hear me, all the workers were on break. He pulled me into one of the rooms and asked me to take off my underwear. I didn’t know where he got a big stick lined with rough nails from and he threatened he would ram it into me if I made another sound, then go back and kill my family (funny,  but I believed him).

“A small gesture can turn somebody’s situation around. Support survivors by ONLY leaving a kind and thoughtful comment.”

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