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Sercle is a global community and impact-driven startup on a mission to empower trauma survivors with holistic healing through cutting-edge peer support, data-driven insights, personalized services, and survivor-centric education.

Are You Eligible to Participate?

To belong to Sercle Therapist Network, you must be a licensed or provisionally licensed (Pre-Licensed/License Eligible) mental health clinician with a graduate degree in psychotherapy, counseling, or a related field from an accredited institution. We also accept student interns, who are allowed to offer $30 sessions to Sercle clients. In that case, you must be completing your final, clinical internship to obtain your master’s degree. You will be required to provide proof of supervision, proof of internship enrollment, and a signed supervision contract. You also must pass our peer-reviewed online application process.

How Sercle Therapist Network Works

Free Professional Profile

Your Sercle profile advertises your practice to nearby clients seeking affordable therapy. To work with you, a client has to be a member of our community platform.

Generate Referrals For Your Practice

You can set your fee within the Sercle’s sliding scale of $30-60 for individual counseling (and $30-80 for couples and family counseling). Student interns can offer flat-rate $30/sessions to Sercle clients. The client pays you directly for each session

Sliding Scale Made Easy

Your relationship with the client is identical to any other client in your caseload. The only difference is the fee scale. Sercle makes it easy to offer sliding scale sessions.

Why Join Sercle Therapist Network

Nurture Your Community

Our community platform provides your client with 24/7 access to valuable resources to learn more about their traumatic experiences, including tools to track and visualize their progress; access to peers who are ready to provide answers to their questions or link to more information, which in turn gives them new insights into their needs and treatment, confidence in dealing with their struggles, and a better relationship with you.

Generate Referrals

Word of mouth is a powerful way to advertise your practice. Sercle clients often refer friends, family members, and colleagues to Sercle and their therapist. They also can refer full-fee or insurance-based clients to their Sercle therapist.

Data and Insights

Data and valuable resources on clients’ experiences and conditions. The Sercle process is to help people share their trauma, and mental health information in order to learn from others like them and then use that information and knowledge to discuss treatment options with their mental health care team.

Free Professional Profile

There is no cost for therapists to join Sercle. Your inviting, professional profile will be yours free of charge. We advertise this service to clients across the globe in our community platform and various social media channels.

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