Anonymous Story: I Was Raped Too.

I was raped too. Still have my PTSD and still suffer from depression. I cut myself to free the pain. And no one understands. “A small gesture can turn somebody’s situation around. Support survivors by ONLY leaving a kind and thoughtful comment.”

Personality Disorders and Addiction

By The Recovery Village | Editor Jonathan StrumMedically Reviewed By Audrey Howitt, JD, LMFT It’s important for people with personality disorders and co-occurring addictions to get treatment for both conditions. Otherwise, recovery can be very difficult. Personality disorders often co-occur with substance use disorder, the clinical term for drug or alcohol addiction. In particular, people with borderline or antisocial personality …

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Ways To Treat Learned Helplessness

The theory of learned helplessness has also been applied to many conditions and behaviors, including clinical depression, aging, domestic violence, poverty, discrimination, parenting, academic achievement, drug abuse, alcoholism, politics, and citizens’ reactions to poor governance. Based on learned helplessness, a specific theory was developed for abused spouses/significant others called the theory of cyclic abuse, a …

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