Why Online Therapy?

Sexual assault therapy can involve discussing challenging topics related to traumatic experiences, therefore it’s critical to work with a trustworthy and helpful therapist to avoid being retraumatized by an abusive counselor. Therapists specializing in traumatic experiences may provide validation, compassion, and unique coping skills as you process a challenging moment. It may feel cathartic to talk about these experiences in a safe space where you do not feel judged. Although talking about what has occurred can be difficult, it can also have mental and physical health benefits.

The traumatic impacts of sexual assault can last for an extended time after the incident. Survivors might repress these events to avoid them, with some not discussing their experience of sexual and gender-based violence until many years later. However, discussing what occurred or how you feel can help you release yourself from shame, its impact on your mental health and on your relationships, feel confident, and learn unique coping skills. A therapist specializing in sexual assault trauma can understand its impact on individuals and offer personalized guidance to your situation. Whether you’re experiencing nightmares, flashbacks, dissociation, upsetting emotions, or another concern, you’re not alone; support is available.

Online therapy is a way to deliver and receive mental health services via the phone, messaging, or video sessions. Providers offer a variety of plans, including single sessions and subscription-based services. With online therapy options, you no longer have to travel to a physical office to receive trauma and mental health support in your healing journey. Now, you have access to therapy anywhere that you have an internet connection. Plus, virtual therapy may be more affordable than in-person visits (unless your in-person therapy is covered by insurance), according to the American Psychological Association.

Our mobile app offers a platform that allows you to work with a licensed and trauma-informed professional online. Our services include video, phone, and text therapy sessions, along with a virtual room where you can message your counselor between visits. There are different types of online therapy available, including online therapy for anxiety, online depression counseling, family and couples counseling online, and online therapy for trauma survivors. Because we know that online therapy isn’t for everyone, we also provide on-ground therapy services to clients.

How to Prepare for Your First Online Therapy Appointment

When you sign up for a new online therapy program, you’ll select or be matched with a therapist. Be sure that you know how to log in and use the platform before your first session — whether it’s a video, phone, or text visit. If you’re doing a video visit, check that you have a working camera. Don’t forget to carve out a quiet space for privacy.

At Sercle Inc, we take the time to understand your difficulties and will create a custom treatment plan so we can ensure we are working toward goals that are beneficial for you. Please understand, however, there are situations that are not conducive to Virtual Counseling and may require in-person sessions.

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