Anonymous Story: I Was Too Stunned

So I was in secondary school and had no sexual experience. I read harlequin, mills, and boons, and all but those were just novels. My parents had handed me over to my principal to be my guardian, he would do bible studies with me and give me books to read since I was an avid reader even then. I was one among the few students who could go to the principal’s apartment to help his wife out and all of that. I slept there lots of times. My principal is a Pastor and I call him Daddy. Fast forward to one day, Mummy traveled and I was in the house, won’t be the first time I was crashing there even in mummy’s absence. Later at night I just felt someone’s hand on my body. Sssssshhhhh, Daddy said. I couldn’t shout because I was too stunned, a pastor, someone I called Daddy, A friend to my family.

I just lay there struggling and shoving, with no sexual experience whatsoever. When he was done, he made effort to comfort me and promised to take care of me. The next holiday came, I was home for Christmas break, sleeping anyhow, my boobs were bigger, and I was fatter. Thanks to avid reading, it struck me that this might be pregnancy. Went somewhere far from home for a test, and lo and behold the girl was pregnant. Upon resumption, he arranged how I will get an abortion. I was just a small girl inexperienced.

Well, I’m 25 this year and time hasn’t healed my wounds, I have trust issues, and I’m single because every other disappointment cuts deep and opens up my scars. I can’t deal with my Pastor preaching about abortion and I’m feeling guilty like I was just fucking 16, I didn’t want to have sex how much more have an abortion. I don’t know if I’ve forgiven him but I know I’m never forgetting. Funny thing is, the year I graduated, my parents took a bag of rice, vegetable oil, and frozen chicken to go appreciate him and his wife for being there for me throughout the school. I sat down there and watched my parents appreciate him with gifts. This is just one among other attempted sexual abuse cases I had to deal with as a girl child. Some family friends, Yes another Pastor too and the list goes on. Keep your children safe.

“A small gesture can turn somebody’s situation around. Support survivors by ONLY leaving a kind and thoughtful comment.”

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