Anonymous Story: We Were All Just Vibing

I was 21 when it happened. One of the girls was my course mate and we are really very close though I knew she was this kinda crazy girl, but before that faithful day I had only been involved in sex just twice, I was a virgin until I entered the university, it was at the university that I met my girl and then we had sex in our second semester. So back to the story, this girl was my close friend in class, so one day she invited me to her place and on getting there I met two other girls of same age with her, I was told that one of them was celebrating her birthday that day so as friends they were just having a low key thing.

Well, I wished her happy birthday, took some drinks and we were all vibing, there was food and drinks and guess I got really tipsy but still lucid. That was when I began to notice them kissing me, so I stood up to leave but couldn’t. My course mate dragged me back, I was weak. She and one of them held my hand, I pleaded with her not to do this but all that didn’t work. Guess they added weed to the jollof rice and all that had an effect on me. That was when I lost it. My hands were tied to the window burglary I could only watch them molest me and take turns on me like twice each.

After everything they started pleading and begging me. They said that they were sorry that alcohol and weed made them do all that. I left the next morning feeling really bad about it, I told my girl friend what happened because she kept calling that night, she confronted my course mate about it and she told her it was the Devil that lead her to do it, how she has always loved me and all that. I told my friends what happened and they only laughed at it. I even tried going to the police to report and the officer I met told me, “young man go home and don’t make a fool of your self going about telling people this,” that I should be the man I am.

Well that was the end of it. My course mate is married with two kids now.

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