Anonymous Story: The Only Girl

When my sister was young she used to do ballet. Then she had a classmate, around 15 years old, I guess. She was the only girl in the family and the youngest. And she had like 3 older brothers and her parents. One night, 5 robbers broke into their house with guns. They tied up everybody except her. They took her upstairs and raped her, all 5 men. The dad and brothers couldn’t do a single thing but listen to their baby scream in pain. And after that happened, they immediately took her to the hospital and didn’t go back to that house again. A month later, they had a ballet recital and she had a solo part, She danced as if nothing happened, but everyone in the crowd was crying. That poor baby girl, the only girl in the family, got raped in the presence of her brothers and parents. It’s just so sad that these kind of things happen. And every time I recall that incident, it breaks my heart, and I wonder how she is right now.

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