Anonymous Story: Similar Fate

I suffered a similar fate, I was raped in 2012 by my ex. When we were dating, we were virgins and promised each other that we wouldn’t have sex until we got married. She got admission before me in 2011 and went to school, few months later, she called me and broke up with me for no reason. Months after, we started talking again but were not dating, I didn’t even ask her why she broke my heart, I just moved on.

Around Oct 2012, I got admission and I called her to tell her. She said I should come to her house that she was around. I went there and she gave me chivita juice. All I know is that I passed out after some time and woke up with an erection. I had sperm all over my body and she was lying naked with me and had a smile on her face. I went home and was depressed for weeks. I told myself I had gotten over it but whenever I am about to make out with a girl, I get flashbacks. Sometimes I chicken out and stop, while other times, I just fuck without feeling anything.

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