Anonymous Story: My First Rape Incident

So I was in the University, I managed to escape my first class rep, I was somewhat invisible, my trick was to be everybody’s bobo, but nobody’s bobo in the real sense of the word, not the Buhari type. So I visited my friend and we chatted into the night, I was about to leave her room and she stood at the door, locked it and took the keys and hid behind her. I was laughing, man it was getting late.

I pleaded and she asked for a kiss, oh it was just a kiss, I obliged and she tried to run her hands on my body but I stopped her. She kept her deal and she opened the door and saw me off, we hugged goodbyes. The next time I was there, we were singing some religious songs – we sang, laughed, kept scrolling through her TV set. She had connected a flash drive to it, she had lots of movies, a lot of Rom-Coms, no porn to my greatest surprise; I usually get sleepy with movies that are not Sci-Fi and I was getting hungry.

I walked to her fridge and found a juice, she didn’t even have water, man, I opened the juice, it was supposed to be a cocktail of fruit juice, so I didn’t pay attention to the color. I asked if I could take out of it, she said sure! she knew I am teetotal. I gulped the juice and looked for some biscuit around to chew on, I gulped some more. This was happening around 5 pm, she was rather drinking her vodka (magic moment) and smiling at me, ingeniously I asked “what?” She said nothing, that was the last thing I remembered clearly.

I woke up with semen all over my boxers and next to a naked girl by 3 am. I couldn’t go home, my head was banging and I was still perplexed, ashamed sort of, I slept back thinking I had wet dreams because my Okoro was still erect. When it was dawn, 5 am, she was on top of me; kissing me and caressing me, I woke up feeling awkward with my bad breath. I smiled and pushed her off.

I asked her what happened to me and she said nothing, that I just slept, and I mean, every human being sleeps, yeah? I went to the fridge and took out the drink I had the night before, I observed particles of green/chlorophyll underneath, I asked her if something was added there, she smiled and said “Yes”, I was weak, I froze, my mind ran numbers, HIV, Gonoreah, HBV, Staph, etc. Pregnancy, Ritual, cultism, witchcraft, I didn’t bath, I just left. That was my first rape incident.

I have encountered this in different styles. I had to unlearn my perspective about women. I kept testing myself for these infections 6 months after, lived with the guilt until I had to go back to her and ask her to have sex with me. I made the move, bought the condoms, told her what I was coming to do, went ahead and did it, so I can use that to replace that ugly experience… for a few reasons maybe. 1. For my ego 2. To trick my mind into believing the first one was a dream and when I remember her, I’ll remember the one I asked for instead. 3. To just…

That’s my story.

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