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Anonymous Story: It’s All Really Messed Up

I’ve subconsciously blocked out a lot of the details but I remember a few. It started before I was 7, that I am sure of. My mum has a very close childhood friend and her children come to ours for holidays a lot of times. This time was different because her first daughter molested me. I didn’t know what was going on but she insisted on helping me with my bath and delayed around the penis area. After the bath, she undressed and told me to touch her in different places. I didn’t understand but I just did as she said. 

Then after 7, I remember another experience. We moved and they came visiting again. At this point it was not just touching. She was practically humping me on the bed. I have always been an introvert and keep to myself a lot. Didn’t tell anyone and couldn’t even tell anyone because I didn’t even know what to tell. Until I got to secondary school and figured out exactly what she was doing to me. She’s living well now, married now but I am left with trust issues and can’t even keep a relationship. 

Well, another part is my cousin, now this is a guy. Older cousin…way older. Took me to the bathroom and was playing with his penis trying to jerk off and told me to touch after he told me to do the same. I know these stories might not count as getting raped to some people but it has affected me psychologically. If people that I am supposed to trust can treat me that way, I just wonder how total strangers would treat me. I can’t keep a friend, can’t keep relationships. It’s all really messed up.

“A small gesture can turn somebody’s situation around. Support survivors by leaving ONLY a kind and thoughtful comment.”

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