Anonymous Story: It Was All Weird

I am a young lady and I have been sexually assaulted by multiple women. Growing up, I think that is why I was always so drawn to male friends. In my elementary years I was bullied by most of the girls in my class. I believe around my 7th or 8th grade year; I was sexually assaulted by another girl while I was at my sister’s house. She groped me while I was sleeping and it woke me up. I was so confused and I just lay there in fear. Then she moved my hand to her private area and I just tried to pretend it wasn’t happening.

My junior year of high school, there was this one girl who would always grope my butt and smack it. She had this weird obsession with me. She would do it every time she saw me. Once she even sat on my lap and told everyone around that I was her girlfriend.  I hated seeing her and was glad I transferred schools the next year. But more issues were there. Again, I had mostly male friends. For some reason they all kept their hands off of me but all my female friends seemed to be handsy.

I told my one female best friend that I had never had a kiss before and she took it upon herself to force her lips on mine. She also did other creepy stuff like lift my shirt up randomly, sneak up behind and smell me. It was all weird.

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