Anonymous Story: I Was Still A Kid

So, when I was young I lived with my grandpa and he was always nice to me, then when I hit puberty, I was still a kid and he started touching me – first my stomach and then towards my chest and breast, but I didn’t think it was wrong. As I started getting older, he continued touching me and sometimes he’d put his hand under my bra and touch my boobs. I was so ignorant at such a young age, it got to a point where he’d try taking my bra off and I was like 12, I got super uncomfortable.

I got to like 14 and he’d sometimes try to make me lie next to him. I never saw that it was wrong but he started to lift my shirt and touch me and since I had grown up with him sexually touching me,  I thought it was normal and saw this as pleasure. But I finally realized it was wrong but I couldn’t stop, it’s been so disturbing and now, I still live with him and I don’t know what to do and how to stop him. 

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