Anonymous Story: I Hated Women

I actually had to hold this to myself all these years, the only person I ever really told this to is my bro and my girlfriend and sadly he was abused by my aunt. Being a guy people don’t feel rape and abuse applies to you but it affects me up to this day. I can still remember my aunt’s housemaid calling and luring me into my aunts room, undressing us both and making me touch her everywhere and suck her breast, she will then rape my little self, little me with the erection of a pencil never knew what was happening to me. This abuse happened many times and at the end of every session, she would give me yam burns. Sexually abused and brided. I never knew any better. When I opened up to my bro, he opened up to me about my aunt, he never named her because he told me I will be very disappointed and it will affect me and I think I have an idea who it is.

I hated women for the past years of my life, but it gets better with my loving girlfriend who stands by me, people need to understand that both sexes are abused and it’s not a gender thing. Back in school 2 out of my 4 close friends opened up about theirs too, people really need to pay attention to who they trust with their children. Children are really being exploited. These sexual predators will die someday, I pray and let it happen slowly and painfully. The day Nigeria passes a death penalty bill for rapists, sexual abuse, and the rest. That will be the happiest of my days.

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