Anonymous Story: He Preyed On Me Too

There was this single man living across the street and he preys on young boys. A person’s first sexual experience changes them for life. First time I actually ejaculated was in a guy’s mouth….an older guy. We grew up in a public compound and we were exposed to a lot of things while growing up. I only got to find out about this later on because he preyed on me too. He always had lovely home videos so we were always in his house. That faithful day, we were about 5 boys watching movies in his room.

When the movie was over, he asked me to stay back and watch one ‘special’ movie with him. I did. He locked the door and inserted a porn movie and played it. I was a bit uncomfortable not because it was my first time watching porn, but because it was with a much older person. A few minutes later, he started touching me. I couldn’t scream because I was scared shitless. I told him I wanted to leave and he threatened me. He said he would open the door, call people to come see how I brought porn into his house and was watching it.

I was scared and stopped struggling. He brought out my penis and sucked it till I ejaculated in his mouth. It was actually my first ejaculation….It felt good but it haunted me afterwards because it was a man. I thought about it for weeks and decided to masturbate one day. That was how my addiction began. I masturbated everyday until my mum caught me once. She didn’t tell anyone. She advised me to stop but I couldn’t. I was super addicted. Today, I stay on my own and have had sex with plenty girls. I am still addicted to masturbation.

That act so many years ago is ruining me. I want to stop but I can’t. I had sex with my girlfriend 2 days ago and I still masturbated this morning. I am addicted and I need help. I still see the guy and whenever I do, I feel like attacking him for ruining my life.

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