Anonymous Story: Gated Uncompleted Building (2)


I laid on the floor and took off my panties (I had not even grown breasts then for Christ sakes!). He brought out his penis and I had never seen it before but he had some whitish liquid trickling from his penis. That was when I started screaming “I am a virgin! I am a virgin!” He brought the nailed stick close to my face and asked me to open up. I went quite and expected the worst but as soon as his penis made contact with my vagina, he stopped. I opened my eyes and wasn’t sure if he wanted to completely take off his trousers or just kill me there; but he just stood up and wore his briefs and trousers back on then asked me to stand up and put on my underwear.

He asked me to dust myself and make sure I do not tell anybody even at my grandpa’s if not hope I have heard of the kind of person he is, my family would be finished, I believed him. He asked me to enter the car so he would drop me. I was still terrified because I did not understand the turn of events. As I was giving him directions, he suddenly said that was his friend’s house and he wanted to check on him since it’s on the way. I was too terrified to find my voice. He took me in there like a prized possession as he introduced me whilst they all took turns admiring and calling me “fine girl.”

A few minutes later, we got back to diving to my grandpa’s but I was so afraid of the threats he made against my family that I asked him to stop at the wrong gate. He actually asked if he should come in but I said no, he said he could come pick me up the next day when I was going back home, I told him my mum was coming over. I dropped and made like I was entering the gate but as soon he took the bend I started racing home, wailing at the top of my voice. My uncles heard me before I got to the house and everyone ran out, I told them someone just tried to rape me, I tried to describe the friend’s place that he took me to and they all ran towards the description with any kind of weapon they could lay their hands on at the time. But apparently, my description wasn’t accurate but also in my small mind I was glad I did a bad job because I was very certain we would be in trouble if he found out. 

Anyways, I was taken to the hospital that night to be certain he didn’t actually do any damage whatsoever and I was certified okay. We were on our way to the police station but mum insisted she would tell her Pastor first and from the little I understood from the conversation, the pastor asked mum to leave judgement to God and she did. Less than a year after we relocated from that area, he was shot dead in his car in front of his house! Don’t know if it was my judgement or the judgement of all the atrocities he had committed and most likely some other innocent girls he had damaged in the past!

“A small gesture can turn somebody’s situation around. Support survivors by ONLY leaving a kind and thoughtful comment.”

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