Anonymous Story: Drugged and Raped

He was raped; this friend of mine, by his course mate—a friend he had come to trust, a female friend. They weren’t dating. He had come visiting and as students are wont to do, sat down to watch movies with her. The movie was boring– it just wasn’t his kind of movie– so he requested something to eat. He got some juice and a biscuit, which was around 5 PM. She didn’t drink it with him, she was just smiling. He was prompted to ask what the matter was but she said it was nothing. That was all he could remember before he blanked out. 

He woke up at around 3 AM to find himself in a semen-stained boxer beside a naked girl, his penis still erect. At that point, he couldn’t process anything. He thought it was a wet dream. His head was still pounding. At five AM, she was on him again; kissing, caressing, and doing stuff. He pushed her away, and she smiled. He asked what she did to him, she said nothing. He went to check the juice he drank and there were now some green slimy things settled in it. It dawned on him that he had been drugged and raped. He froze, all sorts running through his head. Then, he gathered his things and left– a somewhat broken man.

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