Anonymous Story: A Lowlife

A Lowlife attempted to rape my cousin yesterday and I’ve been thinking of 1000 and 1 ways to get him killed, please I need justice. I guess she’s holding up fine but she’s mentally disorganized. This is the entire story as narrated by her. 

She went to see a friend, on her way back she saw her ex boyfriend ‘s friend and the guy offered to give her a ride to her busstop, since she knows the guy and according to her, they have been chatting on WhatsApp. So, she accepted the offer with no hesitation. As she got into the guy’s car, he told her that he needed to make use of the atm machine and she said okay, just a few minutes later, the guy started driving through a different part, she became scared and asked the guy where he was taking her to, the guy told her to be quiet and if she does anything funny that he would shoot her. 

She became very scared and kept calm, the guy drove down to a bushy area and ordered her to step out of the car and she obeyed. Then he told her again to drop all her belongings in the car, she did. He now told her to take off her cloths, as she was about to do so, she noticed that he was trying to take off his clothes too, so she pushed him and ran off. She got to an uncompleted building close by, saw some people there, told them her story and they gave her some money. That was how she came back yesterday.

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